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Why I Became a Doctor

When I was born, my dad placed a Bible, a stethoscope, a ruler and a pen next to my pillow. He and Mom would carefully watch to observe which one I would touch. They told me I touched the stethoscope three times. Since then, they knew I would become a doctor one day.


True enough, my playful years were spent with medical toys. I remember my mom created a white little jacket that looked just like what real doctors were using. She gave it to me on my 7th birthday and even had my name embroidered on it. It was a very effective motivation. Because right then, I had a vision that soon, I will become a good doctor. 20+ years later, here I am a full-pledged doctor.

Aside from being a doctor, secretly I had also been fond of writing. In fact, I would love to become a journalist if I hadn’t chosen this career. That is why I started this blog. A place where I can express my hushed thoughts and opinions. A place where I can write about other things, other than medical patient records and prescriptions.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and hope that you will keep coming back in my future posts. Feel free to post your thoughts and insights on the comments as well.

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